Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

PivotSwap's DAO Governance implements a decentralized decision-making framework that redistributes control and decision authority from a central entity to the broader community. This involves the disclosure of suspicious fund sources, thereby ensuring the security and safety of users while actively preventing money laundering activities.

Upon the initiation of a request to authenticate the origin of funds for a given deposit address, the process activates a meticulous procedure within the Committee. This involves conducting a comprehensive vote among the members of the DAO Committee to ascertain whether the fund's source for a particular deposit address warrants disclosure.

To uphold precision and transparency in the proceedings, the AI Committee is activated to consolidate the viewpoints of DAO Committee members. Leveraging the advanced capabilities of zk-SNARKs technology, the AI Committee undertakes the task of tallying votes while maintaining the confidentiality of underlying data. The disclosure of sender-receiver relationships is authorized only under two conditions:

i. The cumulative voting power of the Committee members surpasses a predetermined threshold.

ii. The quantity of affirmative votes supporting the revelation of linking exceeds the negative votes.

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